Jindycats Maine Coons

Our friend Joan has kittens and a few adults available to good homes. She may be contacted at jindycats@yahoo.com

  Syracoon/Furensics Maine Coons
    Our friend Alexis is in Kansas- she is a warm and caring breeder.
  Marclay Cattery
    Our friend Heather specializes in Himalayans and Persians 
  Bounding Maines Cattery
    Holly & John Reilly reside in Northern Florida- they have a beautiful boy from us!
  Acadiacoons Maine Coons
  Canalettos Maine Coons
  Nu Coon Rizn Cattery
    Our friend Susan is in Missouri and has beautiful cats!
  Enchantacoon Maine Coons
    Our friend Melisa Rutherford has started her breeding program again after taking a break for a few years. She is located near Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area and shares our love for the "odd" colored Maine Coons
  Cat Fancier's Association (CFA)
  The International Cat Association (TICA)
  Kitty Sites
  Cat Nutrition

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